South Dakota State University

New SDSU degree fills void in precision-ag education

South Dakota State University will launch the nation's first four-year degree in precision agriculture this fall, with a goal of educating "the next generation of innovators," reports AgWeb

Longer forest fire seasons around the world

Due to hotter weather and more days without rain, the length of forest fire season has grown by 19 percent over the past 35 years, says a team of researchers.

USDA allots funds for advanced biofuel and Farm to School

A combined $9.6 million will go into grants to support production of advanced biofuels and the bio-economy, said the Agriculture Department. The largest block of money, $5.6 million, was divided among...

Feed can be carrier of deadly hog virus

Researchers say they have confirmed that hog feed can be a carrier of the porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV), which has killed millions of piglets since May 2013, says The Pig Site, an Internet news site.