Senate Finance Committee

Senators tell administration to ‘play offense’ on trade

The Biden administration is sitting on its hands when it ought to be knocking down trade barriers and negotiating new trade pacts for U.S. food and ag exports, said a bipartisan chorus of senators on Wednesday. Since President Biden took office in 2021, the administration has not initiated formal talks for a new free trade agreement anywhere, said members of the Senate Finance Committee during a hearing on the U.S. trade agenda.

Near-unanimous Senate approval, ‘hopefully soon,’ predicted for USMCA

The Senate Finance Committee overwhelmingly approved one of President Trump’s top priorities, an updated free trade pact with Canada and Mexico, on Tuesday with Democrats claiming a share of the credit in a trade victory for the president. U.S. agriculture would see modest increases in …

Consensus elusive for Senate reform of ‘national security’ tariffs

Senate Finance chairman Chuck Grassley conceded one point this week: Steel and aluminum will be excluded from any reform of presidential power to impose tariffs based on national security interests. Even so, there is no agreement among senators on how Congress should reassert its authority over international trade.

As Finance chairman, Grassley wants ‘more middle-income tax cuts’

When he used the power of seniority to claim chairmanship of the Senate Finance Committee in the new session of Congress, Iowa’s Chuck Grassley said he wanted greater tax fairness for Americans. Many farm groups share his goal of additional tax relief.

Sen. Grassley heads to finance committee

Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley used the power of seniority to claim chairmanship of the tax-writing Finance Committee on Friday, saying he would pursue a pro-growth agenda of “additional tax relief and tax fairness” and making health care more affordable. As Finance chairman, Grassley could play …

Timing of tax ‘extenders’ bill uncertain, says Senate leader

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he wants to enact a tax "extenders" bill in a timely way, but did not suggest a likely course of action during a news conference, reports Agri-Pulse.

‘Tax extenders’ bill advances, including Section 179 expensing

The Senate Finance Committee approved, 23-3, a bill to retroactively revive four dozen tax breaks that expired at the end of 2014.

Senate tax package would boost investment, biofuels

The $1 a gallon biodiesel tax credit would be revived along with other incentives for renewable energy in a Senate Finance Committee package of tax "extenders." The committee is scheduled to discuss, and probably vote on, the package on Tuesday.

Froman says “good progress” with Japan on ag and autos

The 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership for free trade could be wrapped up within months, U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman told lawmakers.

Livestock, poultry groups ask Congress to approve TPA

Groups representing U.S. cattle, hog and poultry producers urged lawmakers to approve rules that assure trade agreements will get a yes-or-no vote with no amendments.

Senate sends $41 billion tax extenders bill to White House

The Senate passed, 76-16, and sent to President Obama a retroactive one-year revival of four dozen tax incentives that expired at the start of this year.

Do immigration piecemeal, says incoming Senate chairman

The incoming chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee says the Senate ought to take the same approach to immigration reform as the House - do it one piece at a time rather than assemble a comprehensive bill. "A provision dealing with just agriculture would pass Congress easily," Iowa Sen Chuck Grassley told reporters but action on popular items is stalled by advocates of a full-spectrum approach.

“Tax extenders” is issue for lame-duck Congress

A "top priority" for action in the post-election session of Congress is reauthorization of tax incentives that expired on Jan 1, said Iowa Sen Chuck Grassley.

Congress may act soon on biodiesel, other ag tax credits

Revival of four dozen tax breaks, including incentives for the agricultural sector, is possible in the lame-duck session that opens next week, says the Washington Post.

Agriculture’s top hope for lame duck – revival of tax breaks

Congress is fairly likely during its post-election session to revive a package of tax incentives that expired on Jan 1, said the leaders of the two largest U.S. farm groups. The package includes the $1 a gallon tax credit for biodiesel, tax credits for wind and solar power, and generous write-offs for purchases of equipment and other assets. Bob Stallman, president of the American Farm Bureau Federation, told reporters the so-called tax extenders package was...