Midwestern Senators ask, ‘Where’s our ethanol deal?’

Roughly ten days ago, Midwestern senators left a meeting with President Trump believing they had an agreement to solidify corn ethanol’s share of the gasoline market. Yet Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley said on Tuesday he had no idea why the administration has not announced the plan, arguing “it …

EPA should move faster on E15, says Grassley

The Environmental Protection Agency plans to begin work in February to allow year-round sale of E15 and complete the regulation in May, just ahead of the usual June 1 cutoff of summer sales. Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley, from the top corn and ethanol state, said on Tuesday that the agency "ought to speed it up" to be sure the fuel will be available for the summer driving season.

Wheeler ‘working very hard’ on year-round E15, says Grassley

Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler is “working very hard to find a solution” for the year-round sale of E15, said Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley on a conference call with reporters Wednesday. Grassley also said that an earlier proposal that would allow refiners to earn the credits called RINs for exports is “no longer on the table” at the EPA.

Trump okays E15, will mull whether to count ethanol exports as part of RFS

President Trump resolved two persistent questions about biofuels on Tuesday, allowing the year-round sale of higher blends of ethanol in gasoline, which will benefit corn farmers, and saying he will consider whether ethanol exports should be counted as part of the government's target for biofuels use, a step that would relieve pressure on oil refiners.

Cruz to Trump: Give us RIN price caps

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz appealed to President Trump on Thursday to protect oil refinery jobs by capping the price refiners pay for credits, known as RINs, to comply with the ethanol mandate.

Ethanol, ag groups raise alarm ahead of White House meeting on biofuels

Administration officials will hold their first White House meeting in a month on the Renewable Fuel Standard, as ethanol makers and corn growers fear an attack on the ethanol mandate. The Iowa Renewable Fuels Association said if the White House weakens the RFS, it "will be viewed as nothing less than a declaration of war on rural America and a complete abdication of [President Trump's] repeated promises to protect the RFS."

In biofuel tussle, farm-sector fear that Trump will side with oil industry

President Trump campaigned as a champion of corn ethanol but, as a boon to the oil industry, he could put a cap on the price of credits, called RINs, that refiners must buy if they don't blend enough ethanol and biodiesel into the U.S. fuel supply. The idea, which Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley calls "a non-starter," splits two blocs of Trump's supporters, farmers and refinery workers.