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Booming U.S. corn crop questioned, but soybeans fine

An annual tour of the corn belt found evidence that a recent U.S. government forecast for record production might be a bit too rosy, because hot weather has appeared to harm the crop, according to Bloomberg news. "Dozens of people -- among them farmers, agronomists and journalists -- inspecting fields on this week’s Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour are reporting corn yields that trail projections made by the U.S. Department of Agriculture less than two weeks ago," Bloomberg said.

Crop scouts see slightly smaller fall harvest than the USDA forecasts

The corn and soybean crops will be slightly smaller than forecast by USDA, says Pro Farmer at the end of a week-long sampling of fields across the Midwest and northern Plains.

Crop tour sees record corn, soybean harvests, with a caveat

U.S. farmers will harvest their biggest corn and soybean crops ever - 14.093 billion bushels of corn and 3.812 billion bushels of soybeans, says Pro Farmer after a first-hand look at crops in the seven leading states.

Crop tour wraps up, do big crops get bigger?

Crop scouts reported strong potential corn yields in southwestern Iowa and the northern half of Illinois as the annual Pro Farmer crop tour headed toward release today of an estimate of the U.S. corn and soybean crops.

Corn yields high in Indiana, variable in Nebraska

A spot-check of fields in northern Indiana and into northwestern Illinois as part of the annual Pro Farmer crop tour found that conditions, and yields, improved as the scouts drove westward, says DTN.

Did farmers plant fewer corn and soy acres than thought?

Analysts are chewing over the arcane Crop Acreage Data page posted by USDA in hopes of a clearer picture of this fall's corn and soybean harvests.