price supports

USDA to compensate farmers for dumped milk

Dairy farmers who were forced to dump milk during a natural disaster are eligible for up to $250,000 in compensation from the new Milk Loss Program, said the USDA on Monday. The program covers losses in 2020, 2021, and 2022 from droughts, wildfires, hurricanes, floods, derechos, excessive heat, winter storms, freezes, and smoke exposure.

Dairy subsidies could cost $19 billion without new farm bill

The cost of price supports for dairy, and for an array of field crops, could skyrocket if Congress allows the 2018 farm law to expire without a replacement, estimated the Congressional Research Service.

Waive fertilizer dumping duties, corn farmers ask

U.S. companies should give farmers a break by withdrawing their petitions for anti-dumping duties on imported fertilizer, said a corn farmer group at a House hearing on Tuesday that was dominated by reports of rising crop production costs. Farm groups generally called for higher price supports in the upcoming 2023 farm bill, with rice, soybean and cotton growers saying the $125,000-a-person annual limit on crop subsidies was too low.

World lacks drive to reform agricultural supports

More than $500 billion is spent annually around the world on "often ineffective and trade-distorting support to farmers," says the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. In an annual report, the OECD said, "little progress has been seen this decade in reforming agricultural support policies."

Perdue opens enrollment for ‘new and improved’ dairy insurance program

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue announced Tuesday that enrollment is now open for the “new and improved” Dairy Margins Protection Program, a dairy insurance program run by USDA. The program has a poor reputation among many dairy farmers, who believe funds from an earlier iteration of the program were misallocated. No paywall

USDA to establish milk-marketing order in California

USDA announced Friday that it will likely establish a Federal Milk Marketing Order for the state of California. The agency will have a referendum for California dairy producers from April 2 to May 5, during which two-thirds of producers have to vote in favor of the FMMO for it to become official.

House farm bill website: Stronger safety net and food stamp ‘ladder of opportunity’

In preparation for the 2018 farm bill, the House Agriculture Committee unveiled a website that will serve as a central location for its activities on the panoramic legislation.

Roberts warns against contrary views from USDA nominee Clovis on crop insurance

At the same hearing where he said President Trump promised not to cut crop insurance funding in 2018, Senate Agriculture chairman Pat Roberts confronted statements by Trump nominee Sam Clovis, questioning whether it was a valid federal function. "If there is some nominee coming before this committee who says crop insurance is unconstitutional, they might as well not show up," said Roberts, arguably the strongest congressional advocate of the risk management tool.

Dairy farmers ask for more generous subsidy plan

The dairy subsidy created in the 2014 farm law, the insurance-like Margin Protection Program, "is not working" but it can be retooled into an effective safety net, the head of the National Milk Producers Federation told the House Agriculture Committee. The changes would provide more assistance to producers during tough times, like the past couple of years, and potentially drive up costs to the government.