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Many farmers expect cost increases will last into 2023

A significant number of America's biggest farmers expect this year's sharp increases in the price of fertilizer, pesticides and machinery parts to continue in 2023, said Purdue University on Tuesday. Three of every four producers polled for the monthly Ag Economy Barometer said they expected farm input costs to rise by at least 20 percent this year, while more than one-third said they expected 2023 crop input prices to be at least 10 percent higher.

Farmers growing skeptical of victory in Sino-U.S. trade war

American farmers were dogged supporters of President Trump's trade war with China, accepting as "patriot farmers" the pain of retaliatory tariffs in the belief Beijing would be forced to alter its trade practices. But they are becoming skeptical of victory: Only half of them believe the trade war will be resolved to their benefit and even fewer believe China will meet its "phase one" commitments negotiated with the Trump administration.

Farmer optimism is record high in a pandemic year of extremes

Farmer confidence is the highest in the five-year history of the Ag Economy Barometer, said Purdue University on Tuesday. The monthly survey of large-scale farmers and ranchers has returned dynamic results in a year disrupted by the pandemic by setting record highs twice in eight months, …

Farmers doubt China will meet phase-one target for ag imports

The “phase one” Sino-U.S. trade agreement called for a doubling or tripling of U.S. ag exports to China, but with four months left in the year more farmers than not are skeptical the sales bonanza will be realized, according to a Purdue University poll released on Tuesday. There is reason for …

Coronavirus fears ease, but many farmers expect a worse year financially

An unusually large portion of U.S. farmers and ranchers expects worse financial performance on their farms this year than last, said a Purdue University poll released on Tuesday. And although producers are less worried by the coronavirus pandemic than in the spring, they are calling for …

Farmers’ sentiment rebounds from low, but worries persist

Large American farms are more confident of weathering the coronarvirus pandemic but nearly two-thirds of them say Congress should provide more assistance beyond the $16 billion already earmarked for agriculture, said Purdue University on Tuesday. Some 27 percent of producers surveyed for Purdue's monthly Ag Economy Barometer said they were "very worried" about the impact of the virus on their farm's profitability. (No paywall)

Coronavirus pummels farmer confidence for second month

A majority of large farmers and ranchers expect worse financial performance on their farms this year than in 2019, nearly twice as many as before the coronavirus became pandemic and mitigation efforts sparked an economic slowdown, said a Purdue University poll released on Tuesday. Purdue's Ag Economy barometer, a monthly gauge of farmer confidence, fell sharply for the second month in a row, to its lowest reading since October 2016.(No paywall)

Three-fourths of farmers fear coronavirus damage to their income

The coronavirus pandemic punctured the Farm Belt euphoria of early 2020 and sent a Purdue University gauge of farmer confidence plunging by 28 percent in one month. Three-fourths of producers taking part in the monthly Ag Economy Barometer said they were worried about the impact on their …