Paul Ryan

White House takes step toward sending TPP to Congress

The Obama administration “took an important procedural step toward putting the Trans-Pacific Partnership before Congress” by outlining the legislation that would align U.S. law with the 12-nation free-trade agreement, said Agri-Pulse.

Speaker Ryan calls for ‘flexibility’ in school-food programs

In the first plank of an election-year policy agenda, Speaker Paul Ryan said congressional Republicans "are producing reforms in federal policies that will give states, schools and local providers the flexibility they need to provide children access to healthy meals."

Speaker Ryan’s diet rule: If it wasn’t a food 100 years ago …

House Speaker Paul Ryan is "fairly hands-on when it comes to his kids' diet," says Roll Call, in excerpting a People magazine interview with the Wisconsin Republican and 2012 vice-presidential nominee.

U.S. groups detail benefits, or lack of them, in 12-nation TPP

The newly concluded Trans-Pacific Partnership will remove sales barriers from nations that buy $63 billion worth of U.S. farm exports, said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. Almost as soon as accord was announced in Atlanta, completing five years of negotiations, U.S. farm groups focused on its benefits - or lack of them - for Americans.

Ryan says TPP could exclude Japan or Canada if necessary

The chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee says the United States should complete the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement without Japan or Canada if those nations are unwilling to reduce their trade barriers, said Agri-Pulse.

Ryan would fold food stamps into antipoverty grants

House Budget chairman Paul Ryan "outlined a plan to combat poverty on Thursday that would consolidate a dozen programs into a single 'Opportunity Grant' that largely shifts antipoverty efforts from the federal government to the states," said the New York Times.

Block grant could cut food stamp rolls by 10 mln people

The food-stamp cuts proposed by the House Budget Committee, if implemented, could force states to cut enrollment by 10 mln people or to reduce benefits by $40 a month, says the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities.

House tax chief Camp will retire at end of this year

Michigan Republican Dave Camp, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, said he will retire at the end of this term.

Ryan budget would cut food stamps, farm supports

The fiscal 2015 budget resolution proposed by House Budget chairman Paul Ryan again calls for converting food stamps to a block grant program run by states.

House GOP to propose food stamp block grant again

House Budget chairman Paul Ryan will propose converting food stamps into a block grant program for the states to run, Roll Call says in a preview of Ryan's budget resolution for fiscal 2015.