Oklahoma State University

Native American food sovereignty means ‘rebuilding our nations and our food systems, one taste bud at a time’

When Covid-19 hit, intensifying hunger rates and limiting food access across the country, tribal communities drew on ancestral knowledge to mount a resilient response, said A-dae Romero-Briones, who directs Native agriculture and food systems programs at the First Nations Development Institute. “These long-buried behaviors would come up, and it was like honoring our ancestors,” she said. “To me, it was a renaissance.”

New peanut variety adds heart-healthy oleic acid

A new peanut variety, developed by the USDA and Oklahoma State U, offers longer shelf life and increased disease resistance compared to other varieties, and packs "high amounts of a heart-healthy fatty acid called oleic acid," says the American Society of Agronomy.

Looking for protein

If there are artisanal butchers, there ought to be tasty, locally made meat alternatives, writes Kristina Johnson at Civil Eats, pointing to surveys that show sizable interest in the products.

Mustard genes may help canola battle blackleg

The Ethiopian mustard plant could be used to help canola varieties resist the fungal disease blackleg, says a researcher at the University of Alberta.

USDA awards $6 mln for climate change research

On Earth Day, AgSec Vilsack announced in Des Moines that USDA awarded $6 million to 10 universities to study the effects of climate change on agricultural production and to develop responses to them.