Green Revolution 2.0: It’s no longer just about boosting food

At the 50th-anniversary meeting of the main body that launched the Green Revolution, a range of researchers and policymakers made clear that the focus of their efforts is no longer just raising crop yields to “feed the world,” as their mantra had been for decades. Production is now just a starting point for a range of food issues faced by developing countries.

Wheat breeder, a Borlaug colleague, wins World Food Prize

Sanjaya Rajaram, who worked with Nobel laureate Norman Borlaug and developed 480 wheat varieties, is the winner of the $250,000 World Food Prize for 2014.

Obama – biotech is essential component for agriculture

President Obama says agricultural biotechnology is an important element in feeding the world and adapting to climate change. In a letter to the granddaughter of Nobel laureate Norman Borlaug, the president said...