New Jersey

New Jersey law bans sow crates and veal-calf stalls

Gov. Phil Murphy signed into law legislation banning sow crates and veal-calf stalls that severely restrict the movements of the animals in New Jersey, saying it would ensure humane farming practices. New Jersey is the 15th state to ban sow crates, veal stalls, or "battery" cages for egg-laying hens, said the Humane Society of the United States, which fought for the legislation for years.

Invasive tick finds foothold in New Jersey

Late last year, federal authorities announced the presence of an exotic East Asian tick species on a New Jersey sheep farm. The state’s Department of Agriculture has now confirmed that Haemophysalis longicornis — also known as the longhorned tick — has successfully overwintered and possibly has become established in the state. No paywall

New Jersey apiarists abuzz over state beekeeping rules

The New Jersey Agriculture Department says it is balancing the interests of beekeepers and their neighbors in developing statewide honeybee regulations.

Ross’s flounder decision flouts protocol, say critics

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross sided with New Jersey and broke longstanding protocol on a regional approach to preservation of the summer flounder, one of the most-fished species in the Northeast, says the Boston Globe. By rejecting the recommendations of a commission that oversees fishing issues on the East Coast — an unprecedented step — Ross raised "deep concerns about political meddling" and effectively will allow New Jersey to harvest more flounder, it says.

At Whitesbog, the blueberry was domesticated

Blueberries are a popular fruit grown around the world. Production has tripled in the past 10 years, says NPR in a story from Whitesbog, in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, where the blueberry was "brought in from the wild" a century ago

Christie says he wants USDA leader with “real life experience”

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, seeking the Republican nomination for president, says if he had the chance he would "put someone in charge of USDA who actually has done this before," says Agri-Pulse in a story from a GOP pig roast near Camanche, Iowa.

Ban on sow crates is vetoed in New Jersey

New Jersey Gov Chris Christie vetoed a bill to ban sow crates, "a move that will win favor with Iowa farmers and spark more speculation about Christie's presidential aspirations but cause outrage among animal rights activists who pushed for the ban," says CNN.