Netherlands says eat less meat – a lot less

The government-funded Netherlands Nutrition Center "is recommending people eat just two servings of meat a week, setting an explicit limit on meat consumption for the first time," says National Geographic.

Bird flu confirmed in England and Netherlands

The first case of avian influenza in England in six years was confirmed on a duck farm in Yorkshire, authorities said, a day after a highly contagious strain of bird flu was discovered at a poultry farm in the Netherlands, said the BBC.

Netherlands cuts deeply the use of antibiotics in livestock

Gerbert Oosterlaken, a Dutch hog farmer, says in a Modern Farmer story, “I don’t need to take antibiotics every day. There’s no reason my pigs should either.”

Eat less meat, reduce climate change gases

The executive summary of a European study, "Nitrogen on the Table," says if Europe reduced its meat consumption, it "would reduce nitrogen air and water pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions, while freeing up large areas of farmland for other purposes such as food export or bioenergy."