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Prospects rise for strong El Niño that peaks this winter

The consensus among government weather forecasters “unanimously favors a strong El Niño” weather pattern that peaks in late fall or early winter. “Overall, there is a 95 percent chance that El Niño will continue through Northern Hemisphere winter 2015-16, gradually weakening through spring …

Drought blossoms in upper Midwest and northern Plains

Most of Minnesota -- 88 percent -- is in moderate drought, a dramatic expansion from 6 percent a week ago, says the Drought Monitor. Record-high temperatures accelerated dryness.

Winter outlook-Drought in Plains, California and Northwest

Drought will persist or intensify during winter in Washington state, Oregon and the northern two-thirds of California as well as the wheat-growing southern Plains, forecasts the National Weather Service.

Wetter than normal outlook for Farm Belt, Northwest

The National Weather Service forecasts more precipitation than usual in the Midwest, the Plains and the Pacific Northwest for late April, which could delay spring planting but relieve dry conditions in the western Corn Belt and the central and southern Plains.

El Nino likely by summer or fall, could aid dry crop areas

The National Weather Service sees an increased likelihood of an El Nino weather pattern developing by this summer and through the rest of the year.