National Restaurant Association

Americans are more willing to experiment on cuisine

One-third of U.S. consumers tried a new cuisine in the past year and two-thirds eat a wider variety of ethnic foods than they did five years ago, says a survey by the National Restaurant Association.

Lobbying by the ‘good food’ sector is ‘limited to non-existent’

The "good food" sector, which includes Chipotle, Whole Foods and Applegate, are making inroads in the marketplace, but when it comes to policymaking, "their involvement on Capitol Hill, on issues from the farm bill to nutrition labeling, has ranged from limited to non-existent," says Politico.

Local meat, seafood, produce top food trends in 2015

A survey of professional chefs says the top food trends in 2015 are locally sourced meats and seafood, and locally grown produce, says the National Restaurant Association.

Restaurant chains cut calories 12 percent in new menu items

A survey of menus at the 66 largest U.S. restaurant chains found a new items on the menu contain 12 percent fewer calories, says a study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.