Modern Farmer

Sixty Iowa cities confront high nitrate levels in tap water

Nitrate pollution affects communities in Iowa ranging from the state's largest cities to "many of its smallest," says the Des Moines Register, "evidence of a contamination problem that reaches across the state."

Nanopesticides, the next, miniature step in agriculture

"The first nano-formulations of pesticides are quietly making their way onto agricultural fields," says Modern Farmer in a story by Susan West into the likely benefits of the technology and potential adverse effects.

“The new food police”

In a long-form story, Modern Farmer describes the evolution of food safety operations at FDA. "Over the last century, there’d been a shift toward large, centralized food distribution systems.

Prosthetics and the working farm

"While high-end prosthetics are advancing by leaps and bounds, devices that can hold up to farming remain elusive. And the need is strong, as farming remains one of the most dangerous professions around," writes Rose Eveleth at Modern Farmer.

Modern Farmer is Adweeks’ “hottest newcomer” magazine

Adweek declares National Magazine Award-winner Modern Farmer to be the "hottest newcomer" among magazines. "Founded in 2013 by former Monocle editor Ann Marie Gardner, the indie is targeted at anyone with an interest in where his or her food...

The alpaca boom goes bust

Alpacas are the latest animals in the livestock version of a speculative bubble, says Modern Farmer. It says the industry, which boomed in the early 2000s, emphasized breeding over developing a market for the alpaca's chief product, their fine, soft fleece.

Giants hopped among us

There are rabbits - cuddly-sized, soft-furred burrowing mammals with long ears and long legs belonging to the animal family Leporidae - and there are jumbo rabbits, as Modern Farmer reminds with a story about efforts to revive the Valenciano, a meat-bearing breed in Spain.

Netherlands cuts deeply the use of antibiotics in livestock

Gerbert Oosterlaken, a Dutch hog farmer, says in a Modern Farmer story, “I don’t need to take antibiotics every day. There’s no reason my pigs should either.”

Apocalypse Plow

That's the headline on a feature story about prize-winning Modern Farmer, the "rurban" digital magazine, in Capital New York.