Michigan State University

More public support for climate-change aid to agriculture

A poll of Michigan residents suggests there would be high public support for government assistance to help farmers adapt to climate change, according to three researchers from Michigan State U.

Specialty crops get $118 million for promotion and research

The Agriculture Department announced $118 million in grants for research and market-building for specialty crops - fruits, vegetables, horticulture, nuts and nursery crops.

Precise use of fertilizer reduces greenhouse gas emissions

Over-application of nitrogen fertilizer results in a larger than previously estimated release of nitrous oxide, one of three major greenhouse gases, says research by Michigan State University appearing in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Dietary Guidelines committee scrutinizes food sustainability

The panel writing the new edition of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans - the government's tips for healthy eating - is wading into the question of food systems sustainability.

New focus for hunger – college food banks

There are 121 food banks at colleges, up from four in 2008, says a Michigan State University group in a Washington Post story that says high costs and limited funds force some students to go hungry.