Measure 92

Yes on 92 concedes, Oregon says no to GMO food label

The Yes on Measure 92 campaign admitted defeat of the Oregon referendum to put special labels on food made with genetically modified organisms. In a statement on its Web site, the campaign said it "is ending its efforts today." The initiative lost by 837 votes out of 1.5 million ballots, according to unofficial results of an automatic recount, two dozen more than the certified Nov 4 results.

Oregon recount nearly complete, GMO label seems doomed

Only Clackamas and Sherman counties have yet to complete their recount of ballots on Oregon's Measure 92 to require labels on food made with genetically modified organisms.

Judge rejects a restraining order on Oregon GMO recount

Multnomah County Judge Henry Kantor turned down a request for a temporary restraining order in the ongoing recount of voting on Oregon's Measure 92 to require labels on food made with genetically modified organisms, said the Portland Oregonian.

Vermont GMO labeling contest comes to national stage

Assistant House Majority Leader Kate Webb, a sponsor of Vermont's GMO food labeling law, is scheduled to testify at a House subcommittee hearing on federal regulation of the foods on Wednesday.

Recount half over, Oregon GMO labeling makes no headway

County clerks have recounted half of the ballots, and the Oregon initiative for labeling GMO food has lost ground slightly. Measure 92 lost by 812 votes in the election-night tally. The "no" side has netted a gain of two votes with 22 of 36 counties reporting the results of their recounts, according to data posted by the Secretary of State's office. The recount should be complete by mid-week.

Oregon GMO recount begins Tuesday, completed by Dec 12

County clerks in Oregon will begin a recount on Tuesday of the 1.5 million ballots cast on Measure 92, to require labels on foods made with genetically engineered organisms, according to a schedule posted by Secretary of State Kate Brown.

Oregon GMO referendum appears on track for a recount

The voter initiative in Oregon to require special labels on food made with genetically modified organisms appears to be headed for a recount.

Recount assured, Oregon GMO labeling trails by 809 votes

Final unofficial results in Oregon show the GMO labeling initiative failied by 809 votes out of 1.5 million ballots. The split in votes "is within the margin that would trigger an automatic recount," said the Secretary of State's office. The next step is for Secretary of State Kate Brown to certify the results, which could be as early as Dec 1 and would set off a recount that could last for two weeks.

Oregon vote is closest yet on GMO labeling, fight continues

The Oregon referendum on labeling food made with genetically modified organisms, while a defeat, was the closest vote yet on the idea, which has gone to a vote in different states for three years in a row. Proponents and opponents say the expensive and splashy elections will lead to a national debate.

Berkeley soda tax and Maui GE limits win, GMO labels lose

Voters in Berkeley, Calif, approved the nation's first municipal soda tax and Maui County, Hawaii, passed an initiative that bars cultivation of genetically engineered crops during Tuesday's general elections. Statewide referendums in Oregon and California to require labels of food made with genetically modified organisms were defeated.

A dozen elections with food and agriculture policy impact

A dozen elections today may influence food and agriculture policy nationally, They range from the Kansas race that could determine the next chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee to referendums on soda taxes and GMO labeling.

Oregon GMO labeling referendum sets spending record

The statewide referendum in Oregon over labeling foods containing genetically modified organisms is now the most expensive ballot question in state history, says the Salem Statesman Journal.

Opponents dominate funding in GMO label drives in West

The opposition to state-level labeling of GMO foods is out-spending the proponents in Colorado and Oregon, which hold statewide referendums on the issue on Nov 4, says Food Safety News.

Food and agriculture races to watch on Nov 4

From soda taxes in California to neck-and-neck Senate races in the heartland, an abundance of races of import for U.S. food and agriculture policy will be decided in the Nov 4 elections.

As Oregon vote nears, dispute over cost of GMO labels

Oregonians probably would pay a penny, or less, a day if they pass a referendum to require labels on food made with genetically modified organisms, says a study commissioned by two groups who support the initiative.