In CDC report on ‘fast food,’ Sweetgreen and McDonald’s are treated as equals

A much-publicized report from the Centers for Disease Control released earlier this month found that more than a third of Americans eat fast food daily. But what wasn't included in the media coverage was that the study’s definition of "fast food" includes fast-casual restaurants, such as the custom-salad chain Sweetgreen, as well as coffee, bagel, and even ice cream shops. Such a broad definition, well beyond the burger-centric drive-through that the term "fast food" calls to mind, raises questions about how much the CDC data actually reveal about American eating habits.

Conaway: Dietary panel strayed from nutritional evidence

The panel of experts helping the government revise the Dietary Guidelines for Americans "strays from strictly nutritional evidence" to dabble in "areas like sustainability and tax policy," charged House Agriculture chairman Michael Conaway. With two cabinet members slated to testify before his committee on Wednesday, Conaway wrote an essay detailing his criticism.

Coca-Cola backs group advocating exercise to avoid obesity

The world's largest producer of sugary beverages "is backing a new 'science-based' solution to the obesity crisis" - exercise more and worry less about calories - says the New York Times.

Demand for fresh, local food pinches Big Food

The big-name international food companies "are in the position of having to rework, reshape and re-imagine themselves" in response to consumer demand for fresh, local and organic foods, says the Guardian.

School food members disagree over lunch waivers

Some 86 members of the School Nutrition Association, whose members oversee school food programs, have signed a letter against waivers from requirements to serve healthier meals, says Marion Nestle at Food Politics.