Outsider Moore defeats Senate Ag panelist Strange in Alabama runoff

Bible-quoting conservative firebrand Roy Moore handily defeated appointed Sen. Luther Strange in the runoff for the GOP nomination to complete the term of former Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions. The result guarantees turnover in Senate Agriculture Committee membership to replace Strange, a supporter of additional cotton subsidies, following the Dec. 12 general election.

The Alabama runoff election could affect 2018 farm bill

The newest member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, Luther Strange of Alabama, is also the first to face the voters. The outcome of today's runoff election between Strange, cast as the establishment candidate, and Roy Moore, the Bible-quoting, conservative outsider, for the Republican nomination for the Senate could influence the course of the 2018 farm bill.

Alabama farm group sticks with Strange in GOP Senate runoff

The 357,000-member Alabama Farmers Federation, the largest farm group in the state, endorsed appointed Sen. Luther Strange four months ago and is standing by him for next Tuesday’s runoff election with Roy Moore, former chief justice of the state Supreme Court. President Trump is scheduled to hold a rally for Strange on Friday night in Huntsville, in northern Alabama.

GOP grip on Alabama Senate race loosens

Having failed to win a majority of votes in Tuesday’s special primary, Sen. Luther Strange now faces the possibility that the controversial nature of his appointment could doom him in the Sept. 26 runoff with former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore. If Strange loses to Moore, it could open the door for a Democratic upset in the general election, says Roll Call.

Senate race in Alabama could change Ag panel lineup

The newest member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, Luther Strange of Alabama, appointed to the Senate in February to replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions, also is the first of the panel's members to face the voters. He's in a neck-and-neck race ahead of the Aug. 15 Republican primary election and has appealed to the farm block for support.

Strange succeeds Sessions on Senate Agriculture Committee

Six weeks into the congressional session, the Senate Agriculture Committee has a new member, Luther Strange, an Alabama Republican and successor to Jeff Sessions, now attorney general for President Trump. Strange said that as a senator he wanted "to advance conservative principles and fight for a more lean and efficient federal government."