Cattle group asks USDA to set label rules for lab-grown meat

The U.S. Cattlemen's Association petitioned the USDA to establish label requirements for laboratory-grown meat and alternative proteins, said the weekly Tri-State Livestock News, of Belle Fourche, S.D. "We look forward to working with the agency to rectify the misleading labeling of 'beef' products that are made with plant or insect protein or grown in a Petri dish," said USCA president Kenny Graner.

Who will regulate lab-grown meat?

As a handful of companies scale up their operations in anticipation of bringing plant-based meat and other bioengineered foods to market, the question looms of how to fit these 21st-century products into a 20th-century regulatory framework, says Science.

Researcher attempts to grow chicken meat in a lab

A bioengineer at Tel Aviv University "is midway through an experiment that could end in a recipe for the world's first lab-grown chicken breast," says Civil Eats. "If all goes according to plan, no chickens will be harmed in the process."