Trump greenlights Keystone and Dakota Access pipeline projects

Fulfilling campaign promises, President Donald Trump signed memorandums that would lead to U.S. approval of the 1,100-mile Keystone crude oil pipeline and to completion of the Dakota Access pipeline from the Bakken and Three Forks oilfields of North Dakota. He also signed memos to encourage use of U.S. steel in pipelines and to speed up approval of domestic manufacturing plants and to expedite environmental review and approval of high-priority infrastructure projects, said a White House release.

GOP: It’s ‘a mistake’ for USDA to run food-stamp program

The Agriculture Department has run the $74-billion-a-year food stamp program since it was created half a century ago — "a mistake," according to the platform approved by delegates at the Republican National Convention. The campaign document says Republicans "will ... separate the administration of [food stamps] from the Department of Agriculture."

Trudeau might take ‘no’ for an answer on Keystone

With Conservatives voted out of power, the incoming administration of Justin Trudeau is "probably prepared to take No for an answer" from the United States on building the Keystone XL pipeline, says a CBC News analysis by Chris Hall.