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Iowa farmland value zoomed by 29 percent this year

Farmland in Iowa is worth an average $9,751 an acre – the highest value since Iowa State University began the annual survey in 1941. Values skyrocketed by 29 percent this year, fueled by high commodity prices, better than expected crop yields and large pandemic relief payments, said associate professor Wendong Zhang.

Genius grant for prof. who created prairie strips to reduce farm runoff

Iowa State University professor Lisa Schulte Moore, a creator of  prairie strips in farm fields to markedly reduce soil erosion and nutrient loss, won a $625,000 MacArthur Foundation genius grant on Tuesday. Schulte Moore, one of 25 winners announced by the foundation, was described as a …

Iowa farmland values rebound after three-year decline

An Iowa State University survey said the average acre of Iowa farmland rose in value by 2 percent in 2017, to $7,326, ending the first three-year decline in values since the agricultural crisis of the mid-1980s.

Iowa State names agriculture dean as its new president

Wendy Wintersteen is two days into her new job: president of Iowa State University. Wintersteen, who had been ISU’s dean of agriculture and life sciences, is the first woman to head the university of nearly 37,000 students in Ames, Iowa.

Boys more likely to end up running the family farm, but that may change

Half the seats in Midwest ag schools are filled by female students, but it’s the men in the classes who are likely to return home to run the farm. One communications teacher at Iowa State observed the difference first-hand when she assigned a film project and found that none of her female students planned on returning to manage their family’s farm, writes Harvest Public Media.

Bacteria instead of antibiotics to keep livestock healthy

Along with corn and hay, cattle at Iowa State University's Beef Nutrition Farm are consuming small doses of bacteria as part of their daily rations. It's part of research into alternatives to the antibiotics that are a common tool in livestock health, says Harvest Public Media.

Cost to reduce Gulf of Mexico “dead zone”- $2.7 billion a year

It would cost $2.7 billion a year to reduce by two-thirds the size of the "dead zone" in the Gulf of Mexico through reductions in nutrient runoff, says a study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Biggest drop in Iowa farmland value since 1986, down 9%

Iowa farmland values fell by 9 percent this year, the largest decline since 1986 during the agricultural recession, pulled down by falling commodity prices, said an Iowa State University survey.

USDA allots funds for advanced biofuel and Farm to School

A combined $9.6 million will go into grants to support production of advanced biofuels and the bio-economy, said the Agriculture Department. The largest block of money, $5.6 million, was divided among...

Skip debate, talk about climate change solutions-Researchers

Farmers are far less likely than scientists to say climate change is occurring and that people are a driving force in it, says a study by Purdue and Iowa State universities.

Biofuels are smaller factor than thought in land conversion

For the most part, farmers put their cropland to more intense use rather than convert forests and grasslands because of demand for biofuels in recent years, says a study by the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development.

Is a nearby city the secret to keeping a rural population?

Proximity to an urban center may be key for maintaining rural population, say three Iowa State University researchers.

Veterinarians prefer town to rural practice

Increasingly, veterinarians prefer to practice in cities rather than rural areas, says a paper at the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development.

“Rationality of choices in subsidized crop insurance”

The Center for Agricultural and Rural Development at Iowa State Univ releases a report on crop insurance selection by growers.