industrial food

How CAFOs divided an Arkansas community

As a young man, Johnny Carroll Sain dreamed of owning an industrial hog farm like his uncle. Eventually, he did, raising hogs for Cargill on 55 acres in northern Arkansas. He's out of the business now, and in FERN's latest piece, published with Arkansas Life, he explores how industrial meat production has damaged the environment, the economy, and the social cohesion in his rural community. (No paywall)

Got food that needs filling? Go to Minneapolis.

The crunchy shells on M&Ms and the creamy filling in Oreos have the same birthplace, a factory in Minneapolis, says the Star Tribune. The FDA-approved sprayers and pumps are a small but fast-growing line of business for Graco Inc., better known for industrial pumps and sprayers used to paint cars or insulate homes.

Substituting fossil fuels for labor in the kitchen

Americans spend an average of 35 minutes a day preparing meals and cleaning up after them, according to the Labor Department. "That's compared to about 50 minutes just a few decades ago," says Harvest Public Media in the fifth segment of its "Feasting on Fuel" series.