Global food insecurity declines, with lower prices, higher income

Rising incomes and lower food prices will lift tens of millions of people out of food insecurity in the coming decade, said a government forecast. The insecurity rate, now one-in-six people globally, would shrink to one-in-17, with Asia seeing the greatest improvement.

Higher costs for farmers when interest rates rise

If the Federal Reserve raises interest rates, "it will mean higher costs for many producers" at a point when farm income is falling and growers are making increased use of credit, says Brent Gloy at Agricultural Economic Insights.

Farming is among occupations with widest gender gap in pay

Farming and ranching have one of the largest pay gaps between men and women, says the Chicago Tribune, based on data from the Census Bureau.

Meal price, family income factors in school lunch participation

The antihunger Food Research and Action Center says recent declines in the number of children in the school lunch program is due to demographics and not changes in the menus to cut down on fat, salt and sugar.

Cost of raising a child – $37 a day for 18 years

A middle-income family will spend an average $37 a day to raise a child from birth to age 18, according to government figures on food, housing, health care, child care, education and other expenses.