high fructose corn syrup

Corn sweetener loses its luster, and its customers

A brawl between brewers over a Super Bowl ad last winter was not just a market-share battle between beer-making giants. It also offered a revealing look the reduced role corn sweeteners are playing in the food and beverage industry. (No paywall)

U.S. and Mexico agree on sugar-trade rules

There are still details to work out but the commerce ministers of Mexico and the United States announced an agreement in principal on sweetener trade after negotiations stretched a day past the U.S. deadline for a deal. The tentative agreement takes off the table a long-running dispute as the Trump administration prepares its proposals for revising the North American Free Trade Agreement.

McDonald’s to use sugar, not corn syrup, in sandwich buns

Fast-food giant McDonald’s Corp. “will replace high-fructose corn syrup in its sandwich buns with sugar as part of an effort to simplify its ingredients and satisfy increasingly conscientious customers," said the Wall Street Journal.

Sugar and corn-sweetener groups settle false advertising lawsuit

The splashy false-advertising lawsuit filed against corn refiners by the sugar industry was settled out of court under confidential terms. The settlement was announced with the trial under way in federal court in Los Angeles.

Fructose tolerance tests and sugar consumption

Researchers at a Boston Hospital discovered a hormone that could be the basis for a "fructose tolerance test," says Harvard University, which could identify people at risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.