Bailey to retire as chief of grocery trade group

Pamela Bailey, the chief executive of the Grocery Manufacturers Association for nearly a decade, announced she will retire later this year. Bailey said the GMA board "continues to engage in the reinvention process to build the association of the future," so "it is best they do so in concert with their leader of the future."

Canada OKs GE salmon, no label required

The genetically engineered AquAdvantage salmon is cleared for sale as food in Canada, the first food animal approved for the commercial market, said Canadian health officials. The salmon, which also was the first GE animal approved by U.S. regulators, will not be required to carry a label in stores to say it was genetically modified, said the CBC.

U.S. should broaden its safety review of new plant strains, says NAS panel

The National Academy of Sciences, pointing to the emergence of new technology such as gene editing and the sometimes startling effects of conventional plant breeding, said the government should conduct safety reviews of all new plant varieties that pose potential hazards, not only the results of genetic engineering.

Vermont to delay citizen right to sue over GMO labels

Consumers will not be allowed to sue over companies' failure to label GMO foods until next summer, Vermont legislators decided, with the state's first-in-the-nation label law taking effect July 1.

In Granite State and beyond, hard choices on Vermont GMO-label law

Mary McDonald, co-owner of a three-employee sauce-making company in New Hampshire, says she'll put hundreds of hours into researching ingredients in order to comply with the GMO food-labeling law that takes effect in neighboring Vermont on July 1.

Impasse on GMO labeling: state pre-emption meets mandatory disclosure

A third major food company, Mars Inc., says it will put GMO labels on its products nationwide and pointed to Vermont's first-in-the-nation labeling law as the impetus.

Food industry: General Mills’ decision shows need to pre-empt states

General Mills will join Campbell Soup in alerting consumers when its products contain GMOs, but the companies are on opposite sides of the GMO-labeling issue.

Senate showdown on GMO food labels today

The Republican-controlled Senate votes today on pre-empting states from requiring special labels on foods made with genetically modified organisms in a roll call that could split along party lines.

Next question in GMO campaign-finance case: penalty on food industry

A Washington State judge ruled that the food industry broke campaign finance laws by concealing the source of millions of dollars of funding that was used to defeat a statewide referendum on GMO food labeling.