USDA tiptoes into cell-based ‘meat ‘ argument

An estimated 40 companies worldwide are in the race to bring to market cell-based meat — "clean meat" in the eyes of proponents and "fake meat" according to ranchers. Asked if the product qualifies as meat, Deputy Agriculture Undersecretary Mindy Brashears responded, "This is something we will be talking about. That is an important priority for us."

Senate panel again calls for FDA labeling of GMO salmon

The Senate Appropriations Committee approved a $145 billion USDA-FDA funding bill on Thursday that would extend a ban on the sale of genetically modified salmon until the FDA requires special labels on the fish.

FDA approval of GE salmon is challenged in court

Environmental and consumer groups made good on their pledge, issued last Nov. 19, to challenge in court the FDA's approval of the sale and consumption of the genetically engineered salmon developed by AquaBounty Technologies.

Going beyond heart valves in transplant organs from pigs

"Transplanted heart valves routinely come from pigs as well as cows," says the Los Angeles Times, but it's not as simple to use swine organs for people who need kidneys, livers or lungs.

‘Consumers deserve to know’ if they are eating GMOs

In an editorial, the New York Times says, "Congress should overturn" the FDA decision against special labels on the genetically engineered AquAdvantage salmon, the first GE food animal cleared for human consumption. "Consumers deserve to know what they are eating."

A ‘menagerie of gene-edited animals’ besides GE salmon

The FDA approval of genetically engineered salmon for human consumption raised the curtain on a "menagerie of gene-edited animals ... already being raised on farms and in laboratories around the world — some designed for food, some to fight disease, some, perhaps, as pets," reports the New York Times.

Costco won’t sell GMO salmon

The warehouse retailer Costco said it "does not intend to sell GM salmon at this time," reports the Seattle Times. The FDA approved commercial sale and consumption last week of the AquAdvantage salmon developed by AquaBounty Technologies.

GE salmon a long way from US dinner plate despite FDA approval

For the first time, the FDA has approved the sale and consumption of a genetically engineered animal, the AquAdvantage salmon developed by a Massachusetts company. Although FDA approval is a signal achievement for the biotechnology industry - the first GE crops went on the market in 1996 - it could be years before fillets or steaks from the fast-growing salmon are sold in supermarkets.

Chinese biotech firm to sell pint-size porkers as pets

The Chinese biotech company BGI plans to sell pigs that are genetically modified to grow to about 33 pounds as pets, reports the Los Angeles Times. "The pint-size porkers were created through a process known as gene editing" that prevents cells from receiving a signal to grow.

USDA assesses impact of GE diamondback moth

The Agriculture Department set a 30-day comment period on its environmental assessment of a proposed release of genetically engineered diamondback moths in upstate New York.