foot and mouth disease

Senate resolution would block import of Paraguayan beef

Two senators from the Plains filed a resolution on Monday to overturn USDA approval of imports of chilled or frozen deboned beef from Paraguay. Sens. Jon Tester, Montana Democrat, and Mike Rounds, South Dakota Republican, said they were worried about the possible transmission of foot and mouth disease.

USDA allows live foot-and-mouth virus on U.S. mainland

For the first time since 1929, a version of the virus that causes foot-and-mouth disease, a highly infectious livestock disease, will be allowed on the U.S. mainland, said the USDA on Thursday.

G-7 ag ministers to share information on livestock diseases

In their first meeting since 2009, agriculture ministers from the Group of Seven industrialized nations said they would "set up an international framework to smoothly share information on livestock epidemics, such as bird flu or foot-and-mouth disease, reports the Kyodo news service.

USDA names Shere chief veterinarian

Two months after getting the job on an interim basis, Jack Shere was named USDA chief veterinarian. “Today, I’m pleased to announce his appointment is permanent,” said Kevin Shea, head of the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service in a notice to stakeholders. Shere succeeds John …

Not enough vaccine to stop foot-and-mouth disease

The United States has not recorded a case of foot-and-mouth disease in nearly 90 years. The livestock industry, pharmaceutical companies and the government "would not be ready to handle an outbreak of the disease if it were to hit," says DTN.