More meat: It’s what’s for dinner

Americans are going to eat a lot of meat in 2018 — 222.2 pounds per person, according to USDA projections that are based on the expectation of a comparatively strong economy that will give people more disposable income.

What do you get when you cross Korean barbecue with ice cream?

What do you get when you cross Korean barbecue with ice cream? A Spam ice cream sandwich is one of three answers in Culver City, the Los Angeles suburb. "The Hawaiian Pizza sandwich includes pineapple ice cream and Spam pieces between white chocolate macadamia nut cookies," says the Los Angeles Times.

Enormous potential in Cuba, ag trade is not a one-way street

World Food Prize laureate Pedro Sanchez, a soils scientist, says Cuba "could be a very good market" for U.S. food companies, but adds that "it's not a one-way situation." In an interview with UC Food Observer, Sanchez said, "America has so much to learn from Cuba. Some of the agricultural techniques used in Cuba may benefit our food system."

Candidates should talk about the ‘F-word,’ but probably won’t

Political reporters from newspapers in Chico and Sacramento, California, and Reno, Nevada, collaborated on a list of “10 issues that the presidential candidates absolutely need to discuss but probably won’t.” The “F-word” -- as in food -- comes in at number four.

Recruiting growers to go organic as sales surge

Grocers, restaurants and other companies that use organic foods "have turned to creative strategies for wooing prospective farmers and ranchers," says the Des Moines Register.

‘Bubble greenhouse’ to desalinate water and grow crops

Engineers from Murdoch University in Australia hope to build a prototype "bubble greenhouse" that could be used in arid areas as a low-tech way to turn saltwater into fresh water and grow food, says SciDevNet, a website devoted to international development.

White House defers to FDA on GMO food-labeling petitions

The White House responded to two petitions for labeling of foods made with genetically modified organisms by deferring to the expertise of the FDA, which has been studying the question for more than two years.

Biggest one-month increase in egg prices in 42 years

With supplies crimped by bird flu, retail egg prices jumped 17.8 percent in June, "the largest month-over-month increase since 1973, and are now 21.8 percent above the June 2014 levels", said the USDA in dramatically raising its forecast of egg prices for the year.

Too many still weigh too much, but Americans are eating less

"After decades of worsening diets and sharp increases in obesity, Americans' eating habits have begun changing for the better," says the New York Times.

New grocery store in “food desert” would sell locally grown food

In central Illinois, the Green Top Grocery, scheduled to open in a "food desert," would improve the diets of shoppers and the incomes of nearby farmers, says Iowa Farmer Today.