‘Farms are becoming more like factories’

Thanks to sensors and computer control of water and nutrients, technologically advanced growers like California almond farmer Tom Rogers are leaders in what The Economist calls "smart farming."

Agriculture may help end the Cuban trade embargo, says Obama

The United States and Cuba, adversaries since the 1960s, agreed to cooperate in improving food production and conserving natural resources as part of President Obama's visit to Havana.

COP21 Interview – Farming and food at risk from climate change

As environment ministers hashed out the details of a climate change agreement, FERN correspondent Daniel Grossman sat down with two prominent experts in Paris to talk about the impact of climate change on agriculture.

Climate change likely to worsen global hunger

One out of nine people in the world endures chronic hunger now, and climate change could put as many as 175 million additional people at risk of undernourishment by 2080, says a U.S. paper released today in Paris.

Quality, quantity of key crops imperiled by human impact

Changing environmental conditions around the world "could negatively impact the health of millions of people by altering the amount and quality of key crops," according to two studies from the Harvard School of Public Health.

Fewer food-insecure people now but conditions will worsen

There are fewer food-insecure people in the low- and middle-income nations of the world, about 475 million, or 46 million less than last year, says the government.

Oxfam urges a fine-tuning of Feed the Future

In a 40-page report, Oxfam America suggests several steps to improve Feed the Future, an Obama administration initiative that uses public-private partnerships to boost local food production in targeted countries.

Climate change is threat to food shipment as well as farms

The same threats that climate change poses for farmers -- floods and severe storms -- "are also highlighting the vulnerability of food distribution systems," says Earth Island Journal in a story developed in partnership with The Food & Environment Reporting Network.

“Rebuild a food system from the bottom up”

The eight-minute film "Man in a Maze" opens with an aerial view of fresh produce being dumped into a landfill at the Mexico-U.S. border, and ends with an aerial view of a community garden.