Calorie labeling may have limited impact

Studies tend to show limited results from putting calorie counts on restaurant and fast-food menus, says Emily Oster, associate economics professor at Brown.

Orman appeals for farm vote in Kansas Senate race

Independent Greg Orman campaigned in typically Republican rural Kansas with the argument incumbent Pat Roberts doesn't keep the state's agricultural interests in mind, says the Associated Press.

Roberts, Orman “haven’t closed the sale” in Kansas

"The race for the U.S. Senate seat from Kansas is about to get nastier," says the Kansas City Star in a story headlined, "With a week to go, U.S. Senate candidates in Kansas still haven't closed the sale."

Back to the hog lot for Senate candidate in Iowa

Republican Joni Ernst is back in the hog lot for a 30-second TV ad in her race against Democrat Bruce Braley for the Senate, says Politico.

A Kansas toss-up, an Iowa “safe” and a rule of thumb

"Sen Pat Roberts (R) of Kansas may be making a comeback after having been left for dead on the battlefield," says the political newsletter Sabato's Crystal Ball, which now lists the Senate race as a toss-up vs the previous "Leans Independent."

Orman “small favorite” in Kansas, Benishek likely in Michigan

Independent Greg Orman is "at least a small favorite" to defeat third-term Sen Pat Roberts, a senior member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, in Kansas, says the Sabato's Crystal Ball.

For Senate dogfight, Republican edge among Kansans softens

Independent Greg Orman leads Sen Pat Roberts, a senior member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, by 7 points, 47-40 with 13 percent undecided, in a Gravis Marketing poll of the Senate race in Kansas.

GOP attacks the rich guy in Kansas Senate race

Republican Pat Roberts, a senior member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, faces an uphill struggle to win his fourth Senate term from Kansas, say two polls over the weekend.

Food group targets Southerland, Kansas poll favors Orman

Food Policy Action, a two-year-old advocacy group, says conservative Rep Steve Southerland, who proposed the largest food stamp cuts in a generation, is its No 1 target for defeat in the November 4 elections.

McConnell, Grimes argue farm bill in Kentucky Senate race

Democrat Alison Grimes faulted Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for missing many Agriculture Committee hearings and for not being one of the negotiators who wrote the 2014 farm law, says the Associated Press.

Roberts, Pompeo win primaries in Kansas

Sen Pat Roberts, a senior member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, won the Republican nomination for his fourth term, beating Tea Party challenger Milton Wolf, 48-41.

How partisan are partisan Senate polls?

That's the question, and headline, at FiveThirtyEight for a look at bias in polling in Senate campaigns. Based on 147 publicly released polls since 2002, analyst Harry Enten says polls conducted by a partisan group...