Financial Times

China to discuss its stockpile secrets with UN ag experts

Chinese agricultural leaders are to meet members of the UN-backed Agricultural Market Information System, created after food prices surged worldwide in 2008, to discuss access to data on Chinese grain stockpiles, says AgriMoney.

U.S. challenges Indonesia at WTO over food-import barriers

The United States and New Zealand asked the World Trade Organization to rule that Indonesia unfairly restricts imports of fruits, vegetables and animal products, based on regulations imposed in 2012.

Ending dispute, China clears Syngenta GE corn for import

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack relayed word of Chinese approval Syngenta's MIR 162 corn variety, which has roiled corn sales for months and prompted dozens of lawsuits, says the Financial Times.

US decides to impose duties on sugar from Mexico

The Commerce Department says it will impose countervailing duties of 3-17 percent on sugar imported from Mexico following a preliminary ruling that Mexico unfairly subsidized its producers, said the Financial Times.

Barclays may exit part parts of commodity trading

Barclays, one of the five largest banks in comodities, "is reportedly planning to exit large parts of its agricultural trading business," says the Financial Times, with an announcement possible on Tuesday.