FDA Human Foods Program

New FDA food chief names top three priorities

A month after starting work as the FDA’s first deputy commissioner for human foods, Jim Jones on Thursday listed three areas for attention to promote the health and wellness of Americans: preventing foodborne illness, decreasing diet-related chronic disease through improved nutrition, and protecting the food supply through the safe use of chemicals and dietary supplements.

Califf broadens scope of food regulation revamp at FDA

Seizing a "once in a generation opportunity," FDA commissioner Robert Califf said on Tuesday he would put more of the agency's activities under the control of a yet-to-be-named deputy commissioner for human foods. Califf proposed additional changes in the Office of Regulatory Affairs, one of the components of the new Human Foods Program.

FDA aims to unveil in the fall a detailed plan for food regulation

One month after he pledged a new emphasis on food safety, FDA commissioner Robert Califf said the agency has begun a national search for a powerful deputy commissioner for human foods, and it intends to finalize by fall its proposed reorganization of offices under the "empowered" deputy secretary's control. "I'm looking forward to starting the interview process and making a selection for this important position as soon as possible," Califf said on Tuesday.

FDA to ‘unify’ splintered food regulation duties under a single leader

After a baby formula crisis and a scathing critique of the FDA's disjointed structure, Commissioner Robert Califf said on Tuesday he would reorganize the agency to put food safety offices under the control of a powerful deputy commissioner. Consumer groups generally applauded Califf's plan as a step forward, although some critics called for more sweeping reforms, such as creation of a separate agency for food safety.