With summer near, EPA sets short comment period on E15 sales

The EPA intends to approve the year-round sale of E15 in time for the summer driving season, said administrator Andrew Wheeler on Tuesday. In proposing an end to the ban on summertime sales, the EPA set a 45-day comment period on its proposal.

EPA dropped plan to require refiners to blend more ethanol

In late June, days before it proposed a target of 15 billion gallons for U.S. consumption of corn ethanol, the EPA was ready to force refiners to blend a larger volume of biofuels into the gasoline and diesel fuel supply, reported Reuters on Wednesday.

Trump signals ethanol decision to Iowa senator: ‘I did you a good favor for the farmers’

President Trump confirmed in public what was being whispered in private — that he would not allow ethanol exports to count toward meeting U.S. biofuel targets — in greeting Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst at a bill-signing ceremony on Wednesday.

Destination: White House. Topic: RFS. Result: Who knows?

Corn state senators are expected to press President Trump today to support the year-round sale of E15 gasoline at a White House meeting, while oil state senators will be seeking a cap on the price of RINs. Neither side knows what to expect.

Show of opposition: No Democratic amendments for farm bill, says Peterson

Just as they did at committee level, House Democrats will show their opposition to the Republican-written farm bill by refusing to offer amendments during floor debate, said Rep. Collin Peterson on Wednesday.

Cruz to Trump: Give us RIN price caps

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz appealed to President Trump on Thursday to protect oil refinery jobs by capping the price refiners pay for credits, known as RINs, to comply with the ethanol mandate.

Trump backs year-round sale of E15

President Trump outlined an initiative to help both the ethanol and petroleum industries on Thursday that includes the year-round sale of E15, a gasoline blend richer in corn ethanol than the traditional 10 percent blend.

EPA could shave the RFS by a billion gallons with waivers to small refineries

The biofuel group Growth Energy called on the EPA to stop handing out waivers it says oil refiners are using to avoid complying with the federal mandate to mix corn ethanol into gasoline.

Perdue says he stands with the RFS; Grassley says some schooling is needed

A farm convention audience cheered Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue as he declared his unequivocal support for biofuels. His speech came just a day after he participated in a White House discussion of possible revisions to the Renewable Fuel Standard.

Cruz urges Trump to overhaul biofuels mandate

At a bankrupt Philadelphia oil refinery, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz called on pro-ethanol President Trump to protect blue-collar jobs by reforming the federal biofuels mandate.