environmental regs

Coal lobbyist to be nominated for EPA deputy chief

The prominent coal-industry lobbyist Andrew Wheeler, a former Senate staff member, "is likely to be tapped as the No. 2 official at the Environmental Protection Agency," says Axios, citing two people familiar with the decision-making process. "The expected appointment for deputy EPA administrator is a turnaround from last month when the White House was poised to tap Jeff Holmstead, a former top EPA official under President George W. Bush," and a more moderate choice than Wheeler.

Industry likes the idea of outsourcing new WOTUS rules

President Trump has ordered replacement of the Waters of the United States rule, and Politico says industry groups allied with EPA administrator Scott Pruitt have an idea who should write the replacement: private lawyers.

Across U.S., lawmakers weigh bills that limit nuisance suits against CAFOs

In a handful of states, legislators are deciding this year whether to limit the rights of people who file lawsuits alleging that large livestock farms near their homes are public nuisances.

Hog farm bill affects ‘hundreds of thousands’ of North Carolinians

An environmental group estimates that 160,000 people would lose some of their property rights under legislation being considered in North Carolina to reduce the legal liability of large hog and poultry farms for noxious odors from animal wast