Egg Board

Annual audits, ethics training for Egg Board after crack-up

The farmer-funded American Egg Board will face annual audits and a round of ethics training for its undercover attempt to derail a vegan version of mayonnaise, say USDA regulators. Their report could bolster long-shot legislation to end compulsory participation in the two-dozen "checkoff" programs that promote farm goods, from watermelons and limes to beef, cotton and milk.

House panel would bar public-records searches of checkoff programs

Some of the biggest commodity groups in the country have enlisted lawmakers in a quiet campaign to shut off public access to the activities of the quasi-governmental boards that promote U.S. cotton, beef, eggs and other agricultural products.

Former USDA official to head egg board

The former administrator of USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service, Anne Alonzo, will become the chief executive of the American Egg Board, reports Agri-Pulse, pointing to clues in a trade publication.

FDA OKs ‘Just Mayo’ label as a mayo with Justice

Hampton Creek, maker of a vegan mayonnaise, says it will get to keep the "Just Mayo" name in an agreement with the FDA, which originally said the name was misleading. Mayonnaise traditionally is a creamy sauce made with egg yolks, oil, vinegar and seasonings.

USDA, the Egg Board and ‘Just Mayo’

USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service is reviewing "the way the American Egg Board handled the 'threat' of Hampton Creek - the San Francisco-based start-up behind the egg-free spread Just Mayo - amid claims it overstepped its mandate by seeking to undermine Hampton Creek's progress," reports Food Navigator.