Dan Glickman

SNAP works ‘pretty well,’ doesn’t need an overhaul, says Glickman

Congress ought to focus on the "N" - nutrition - in SNAP rather than pursue stricter work requirements on food stamp recipients, said former agriculture secretary Dan Glickman, in remarks aimed at House Republican farm bill proposals.

Trump trade tactics imperil farmers, says Glickman

Exports generate an important part of U.S. farm income, yet they are jeopardized by President Trump's decision to renegotiate NAFTA and his threats to cancel the U.S.-Korea trade pact, writes former agriculture secretary Dan Glickman in an essay in The Hill newspaper. "These two threats alone have serious potential implications for the health of American agriculture, which is so dependent on agriculture exports.

Chicago Council hires Gates Foundation ag expert

Alesha Black, who spent eight years working on agricultural development at the Gates Foundation, is the new director of the global food and agriculture portfolio at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, one of the most active think tanks on the topic.

Urban-rural split is threat to farm and food policy-Glickman

The partisan split between rural and urban America jeopardizes the future of the panoramic bills that meld farm supports, rural economic development, public nutrition and global food security programs into a single bill, says former agriculture secretary Dan Glickman.

“He’s doing this to spite me”

Dan Glickman knows his time is running out as the longest-serving agriculture secretary in half a century. Tom Vilsack, who started on the job at the dawn of the Obama administration in 2009, will tie Glickman, who served in the Clinton era, at 2,123 days in office on Nov 13 and surpass him on Nov 14, according to a USDA tally.

Ag needs bigger view to win research money-Glickman

The agriculture sector should broaden its coalitions so it can land more research money, said Dan Glickman, former agriculture secretary, in a speech at the American Association for the Advancement of Science.