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Lawmakers, lenders join cotton industry appeal to Trump to keep stop-gap aid program

The insurance-like cotton subsidy program of the 2014 farm law is a failure, U.S. lawmakers, lenders and cotton groups said in four coordinated letters to President Trump. They asked him to keep in operation the cotton ginning cost-share program created as a one-time, $300 million payment last year. In a show of support, letters were sent by 109 representatives, 26 senators, 82 cotton groups and 1,600 lenders and rural businesses.

Vilsack: Congress has to give USDA authority on cottonseed

The USDA is prevented by statute from creating a subsidy program, potentially costing $1 billion a year, for cottonseed, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said in an essay in Farm Journal. Congress, he says, needs to change the law.

Voices lowered, cottonseed-subsidy debate continues

The cotton industry and a leading ally on Capitol Hill are pressing to make cottonseed eligible for crop subsidies despite the USDA's conclusion that it lacks the authority to do so. Payments could total $1 billion a year, according to an estimate by university economists.

Cottonseed subsidy request would cost $1 billion

The cotton industry request for USDA to make cottonseed eligible for subsidy as an oilseed raises several policy questions including where to find the $1 billion a year that the program would cost, say four economists. Market prices are so low that payments are certain if Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack approves the request to declare cottonseed an "other oilseed" covered by the subsidies offered to grain and soybean growers.

New Farm Bureau president says no to mandatory GMO labels

The largest U.S. farm group supports voluntary rather than mandatory nationwide labeling of GMO foods, said Zippy Duvall, shortly after his election as president of the American Farm Bureau Federation.

Decision soon on ‘complicated’ request for cottonseed oil subsidy

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said he is looking at every factor, including trade rules and budgetary effects, in the cotton industry's request that he declare cottonseed oil eligible for the same subsidies offered to grains and soybeans.