Corn Refiners Association

Corn syrup lobby ends challenge to U.S. sugar subsidy

The intramural squabble in the sweetener industry died out quietly, with the a trade group for corn syrup producers halting its efforts to curtail subsidies for sugar growers, said Reuters.

Sweetness lacking in sugar vs corn syrup lawsuit

A trial in federal district court in Los Angeles 'has far-reaching implications for the food industry and American consumers," says the Palm Beach Post. Sugar growers accuse the corn processing industry of false advertising for saying that high-fructose corn syrup, which competes with cane and beet sugar for use by food and beverage makers, is "natural" and "nutritionally the same as sugar."

In sweetener duel, corn refiners challenge sugar subsidies

The Corn Refiners Association, a trade group whose members make sweeteners, ethanol and starch, "just hired 10 outside lobbyists for an aggressive, unorthodox attack on the federal sugar program just a year after a new farm bill was signed into law," says the Washington Post.