Consumers Union

Companies pursue genetic technology free of US review

Seed companies such as Scotts Miracle-Gro and Cellectis Plant Sciences are utilizing techniques to genetically modify crops that are outside of federal jurisdiction or use methods that were not imagined when the regulations were created, said the New York Times.

Grocery chain is asked to use its leverage to save antibiotics

Grocery chain Trader Joe's should help preserve the effectiveness of antibiotics by putting stricter standards on its meat suppliers, says Consumers Union.

As Oregon vote nears, dispute over cost of GMO labels

Oregonians probably would pay a penny, or less, a day if they pass a referendum to require labels on food made with genetically modified organisms, says a study commissioned by two groups who support the initiative.

Brown vetoes antibiotics bill, says “more needs to be done”

California Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a proposed first-in-the-nation state law to reduce antibiotic use in livestock and told legislators, "More needs to be done to understand and reduce our reliance on antibiotics." In his veto message, he said state agricultural officials would work with lawmakers to find "new and effective ways to reduce the unnecessary antibiotics used for livestock and poultry."

Shun tuna, eat fish lower in mercury, says Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports magazine urged pregnant women to avoid eating tuna and suggested consumers should consider 17 species of seafood that are low in mercury, which can have damage the brain and nervous system if over-consumed.

GE food critics to speak at National Research Council

Skeptics of genetically engineered crops will speak during a National Research Council meeting on Sept 15 and 16. A panel of experts was appointed by the council to look at the record of GE crops and future prospects.