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Ethanol and oil industries decry new fuel economy standards

Gas and biofuel trade groups say new Biden administration rules that call for cars and pickup trucks to average 50.4 miles per gallon of fuel by 2031 unwisely quash the potential role of liquid fuels. The American Petroleum Institute said Congress should override the new corporate average …

DC’s food lobby splinters amid squabbles

The Grocery Manufacturers Association, a giant among trade groups, is beginning to bleed members, with Nestlé the latest foodmaker to pull out, says Politico. "Complacency and a lack of leadership" at GMA are a factor, along with the hurly-burly of competing for sales in an evolving marketplace, it says.

Obama food-policy team assesses the road ahead

Members of the Obama administration who helped shape food policy assessed their accomplishments over the past eight years, as well as the road ahead under President-elect Trump, at a briefing in Washington. They stressed that the new administration should consider food and ag policies through the lens of rural voters, food businesses and consumers that are already voting in the marketplace for the food they want.

When it comes to meat, beliefs influence taste, study finds

Researchers investigating the relationship between belief and food found that the way meat production is described can influence the meat-eating experience, according to a new study published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE.

Record exports won’t cure U.S. peanut surplus

U.S. farmers are growing peanuts faster than the nation, or the world, can consume them, say USDA economists, who estimate the peanut supply will be a record 9.5 billion pounds following this year's harvest. Thanks to rising demand, led by China and Vietnam, exports are forecast for a record 1.5 billion pounds — one-fourth of this year's crop — but the U.S. peanut surplus could continue to grow.