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Speedy House passage of GMO-disclosure bill vital, say farm and food groups

Food processors, grocers, farm groups and exporters asked House leaders for speedy passage this week of the GMO-disclosure bill to resolve "one of the most significant issues that the agriculture and food industry has faced in recent years." The Rules Committee would take the first step toward a vote at a meeting today to set the parameters of debate on the bill, which senators passed last week.

In Granite State and beyond, hard choices on Vermont GMO-label law

Mary McDonald, co-owner of a three-employee sauce-making company in New Hampshire, says she'll put hundreds of hours into researching ingredients in order to comply with the GMO food-labeling law that takes effect in neighboring Vermont on July 1.

USDA gets bigger role in GMO preemption bill

The sponsors of a House bill to prevent states from requiring special labels on GMO foods are considering a new version that would put the USDA in charge of certifying if foods are made from genetically modified organisms or not. The bill, filed by Mike Pompeo of Kansas and GK Butterfield of North Carolina, would keep labeling voluntary at the federal level.

GMO labeling bill finds a House sponsor

Kansas Rep Mike Pompeo will sponsor a bill backed by foodmakers to pre-empt state labeling law on genetically modified food, Politico says.