Clinton dominates on food and ag campaign donations

"Big Food and Ag" has donated more heavily, by almost a 2-1 margin, to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton than Republican nominee Donald Trump, says Mother Jones, although Trump began catching up in August when his electoral prospects brightened.

Trump vows to make EPA more ‘pro-farm’ with a new administrator

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, labeling the Waters of the United States rule as unconstitutional, told the largest U.S. farm group, "I will appoint a pro-farmer administrator [to] EPA."

Trump and Clinton camps agree: Keep food stamps in the farm bill

Donald Trump will not back a popular conservative proposal to split food stamps from the rest of the farm bill, said Sam Clovis, a senior advisor to the Republican presidential nominee. Speaking for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, former deputy agriculture secretary Kathleen Merrigan said food stamps are a key element of farm bills and Clinton would oppose cuts to the premiere U.S. anti-hunger program.

Trump’s plan: All illegal immigrants will be subject to deportation

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump called for hard-nosed enforcement of immigration laws, saying that if becomes president, anyone in the United States illegally would be subject to deportation and the sole path to citizenship would be "to return home and apply for re-entry." Only those likely to flourish would be welcome. Trump's 10-step plan was strikingly similar to a position paper released months ago by his campaign and a rebuttal to any speculation that his stance on immigration has softened.