Chris Hurt

A livestock “mini-boom” could last for several years

Livestock producers can anticipate strong returns in coming years in a "mini-boom" that could last for several years, says Purdue economist Chris Hurt in a university news release.

Low market prices could mean $6-$8 billion in corn subsidies

Two agricultural economists say corn subsidies could cost $6 to $8 billion for this year's record-large corn crop, says Reuters. The estimates are based on the projected U.S. average price of $3.50 a bushel for the crop, the price guarantees of the farm bill and...

Beef supplies to stay tight while cattle herd is rebuilt

Beef will be in tight supply through 2015 and into 2016 but consumers may get a break from record prices with an increased volume of chicken, turkey and pork, said economist Chris Hurt of Purdue.