Eliminate time limit on food stamps for ABAWDs, says Center on Budget

The 90-day limit on SNAP benefits for adults who do not work at least 20 hours is punitive and does not create job openings, said the think tank Center on Budget and Policy Priorities on Monday in asking Congress to eliminate the limit, created as part of welfare reform in 1996. “Taking basic …

Lowest food-stamp enrollment in five years

The cost of the food stamp program, the premiere U.S. anti-hunger program, is falling in tandem with the enrollment, says the think tank Center for Budget and Policy Priorities.

Time limit on food stamps will disqualify 1 million people

Roughly 1 million people - 2 percent of current enrollment - will be cut off of food stamps during 2016 as states re-impose the three-month limit on benefits to unemployed adults from ages 18-50 who are not disabled or raising children...