U.S. to see larger beef exports to Europe, while China threatens trade action

U.S. exports of hormone-free beef to Europe would triple under an agreement signed by President Trump and hailed by EU officials as a sign of tangible results for the strongest trade relationship in the world. Meanwhile, China said it “will have to take necessary counter-measures” if the United States expands the trade war on Sept. 1, as Trump says he plans to do.

Trade war hits U.S. beef, dairy, and pork producers

In a video posted Monday on social media, the U.S. cattle industry predicted it would be shut out of the Chinese market and lose an estimated $70 million in beef sales this year due to retaliatory tariffs. Groups representing pork and dairy producers expressed similar concerns.

Where’s the U.S. beef? In China and with China.

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue will celebrate the reopening of the Chinese market to U.S. beef on Friday at the same time the Trump administration is considering trade action against Beijing. The first shipment of U.S. beef arrived in China on June 19 following a 13-year absence from that market.

Dairy, beef win marketing openings in China; will U.S. accept Chinese chicken?

Following the first shipments of U.S. beef to China in 14 years, the U.S. Dairy Export Council says the United States and China have signed a memorandum of understanding “on dairy trade assurances that will allow more exports from the United States.” At the same time, a consumer group said the United States should not allow China to ship poultry products to America.

White House announces USDA regulations for beef exports to China

With China and the United States trying to improve trade relations, White House press secretary Sean Spicer announced the publication of the USDA’s final details for beef exports to China, which have been barred since the first U.S. case of mad cow disease, in 2003.

U.S. beef in Brazil for first time since 2003

Last August, Brazil said it would remove barriers to U.S. beef that were imposed in 2003 to prevent mad cow disease. Nine months later, the first shipment of fresh U.S. beef has cleared customs for sale to Brazilian consumers.

Beef imports are lowest in 13 months

U.S. beef imports are declining and are forecast to be 14 percent lower in the first quarter of this year compared with the same period a year ago, say USDA economists.

Trump lists agriculture among U.S. trade issues in meeting with Xi

In the first face-to-face meeting between President Trump and President Xi Jinping of China, the two leaders agreed to a 100-day effort to improve trade relations between the world's two largest economies. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the president "raised serious concerns about the impact of China’s industrial, agricultural, technology, and cyber policies on U.S. jobs and exports."

Montana senator would ban Brazilian beef for four months

With a scandal clouding Brazil's meatpackers, Montana Sen. Jon Tester announced legislation for a 120-day ban on U.S. imports of meat from the South American country. The ban will give USDA "time to comprehensively investigate food safety threats and to determine which Brazilian beef sources put American consumers at risk," said Tester's office.

China’s the top market for rallying U.S. farm exports, USDA says

U.S. agricultural exports have begun to rally and will continue the record-setting pace that began in 2009, USDA reported, in an estimate for fiscal year 2017 and a revised forecast for fiscal year 2016. China has now advanced to the No. 1 export market for U.S. farm goods, surpassing Canada. …