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FDA asks Congress for help on CBD regulations

Pointing to a lack of scientific research, the FDA said on Thursday that it would not consider rulemaking for the use of cannabidiol products as dietary or food supplements or in animal feed. Instead, said principal deputy commissioner Janet Woodcock, the FDA wants to work with Congress on “a new regulatory pathway” for CBD.

Food, feed and industrial demand boost grain usage to a record high

World consumption of grain will exceed 2.1 billion tonnes during 2017/18, a record due to "new peaks for food, feed and industrial uses," according to estimates by the London-based International Grains Council. "Food demand is expected to continue to drive increases for wheat while growth for feed and industrial use will push maize (corn) utilization to a new high."

Wasted food becomes “leftovers for livestock”

It used to be called "garbage feeding," tossing table scraps and unwanted, uneaten food to barnyard animals to peck or chew in a haphazard addition to their rations. With concern mounting on climate change and food waste, the practice of recycling scraps into livestock feed looks like a winning way to reduce food waste, says Inside Climate News.