Issue new SNAP exemptions quickly, senators say

With the debate on the debt limit over, Democrats heading four Senate committees urged the Biden administration to act swiftly to remove a time limit on food stamps to able-bodied veterans, homeless people and young adults who "aged out" of foster care. The debt bill waived the time limit on those groups at the same time it lengthened the age range of people who must work at least 80 hours a month or be limited to 90 days of SNAP benefits in a three-year period.

Debt deal would boost SNAP outlays marginally, says CBO

The debt limit deal between President Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy would expand rather than cut SNAP enrollment and spending — an unexpected result given Republican insistence on broader application of work requirements, said the Congressional Budget Office on Tuesday. The increases would be modest, amounting to an additional 78,000 people and from $200-$400 million a year in a program with 42.5 million participants at latest count.

SNAP work requirement waivers are element in debt ceiling debate

House Republicans returned to one of their original targets in the debt limit debate with President Biden — the authority of states to exempt able-bodied adults from the 90-day limit on food stamps unless they work at least 20 hours a week. Hundreds of thousands of SNAP recipients could be affected if Congress curtailed or eliminated state waivers.

Think tank says GOP expansion of SNAP time limit affects 1 million people

About 1 million Americans would be affected by the House Republican plan to apply more broadly a 90-day limit on SNAP benefits to people who do not work at least 20 hours a week, said a think tank on Monday. “Not everyone newly subject to the requirement would lose benefits,” said the Center on …

Democrat-backed bill would end time limit for SNAP benefits

A day after the White House called for the elimination of barriers to food assistance, nearly three dozen House Democrats filed a bill to end the three-month limit on SNAP benefits for so-called ABAWDs, able-bodied adults ages 18-49 without dependents. "Research finds that relinquishing access to SNAP benefits only forces people into hunger, not job security," said Rep. Barbara Lee of California, a lead sponsor of the legislation.

SNAP time limits didn’t boost employment — study

The 90-day limit on food stamps for able-bodied adults without children, enacted as part of welfare reform in 1996, failed to move people into jobs or increase their incomes after the Great Recession, said a USDA study released on Tuesday. "The findings should prove relevant as the economy recovers and states begin to re-introduce the time limit" after the pandemic, said the researchers who carried out the study.

Eliminate time limit on food stamps for ABAWDs, says Center on Budget

The 90-day limit on SNAP benefits for adults who do not work at least 20 hours is punitive and does not create job openings, said the think tank Center on Budget and Policy Priorities on Monday in asking Congress to eliminate the limit, created as part of welfare reform in 1996. “Taking basic …

Judge vacates Trump rule tightening SNAP time limits

Pointing to the impact of the pandemic on the economy, a U.S. district judge vacated on Sunday a Trump administration regulation setting stricter time limits on SNAP benefits for able-bodied adults who do not work at least 20 hours a week. Chief Judge Beryl Howell of the district court for the District of Columbia said the USDA, which runs SNAP, failed to justify the regulation, which would end benefits for 700,000 people.

Trump SNAP rule called unwieldy

The Trump administration saddled state officials with an unwieldy threshold for determining when they can provide SNAP benefits to able-bodied adults without dependents beyond the usual 90-day limit if they do not work at least 20 hours a week, said an Urban Institute report on Tuesday. The …