2018 election

As lame duck session opens, farm bill isn’t ready for a vote

A month ago, the lead negotiators on the farm bill linked arms in a show of unity and said they wanted to have the $87 billion-a-year legislation ready for a vote when Congress convened for its post-election session. The lame duck session opens today and one lobbyist says there is no chance of a vote this week because of many unresolved issues, including the headline question of stricter SNAP work requirements.

In the mid-terms, many Senate Ag panelists ‘safe’

With two screaming exceptions, it's becoming safer and safer electorally to be a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee in a farm bill year. Five of the 10 committee members facing the voters on Nov. 6 are rated as "safe" for a new term, with Sen. Debbie Stabenow, the senior Democrat on the panel, awarded that rating on Thursday by Sabato's Crystal Ball, a political analysis site.

Toss-up races could shuffle the House ag panel

Five of the 19 House races regarded as toss-ups in the Nov. 6 mid-term elections involve members of the House Agriculture Committee, according to the political site Sabato’s Crystal Ball. The newest addition to the list, with the retirement of Democrat Rick Nolan, is the 8th House District …

Two Ag panelists among most vulnerable House incumbents

Freshman Republican John Faso and veteran Democrat Rick Nolan, both of whom serve on the House Agriculture Committee, are among the 10 most vulnerable House incumbents a year ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, says Roll Call.

Heitkamp’s prospects brighten in North Dakota

First-term Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, “has a strong personal brand and Republicans do not yet have a clear challenger,” says the political tip sheet Sabato’s Crystal Ball in previewing the 2018 Senate race in North Dakota. “We’re giving her a boost to ‘Leans Democratic.’ ”

Trump urges challenge to Senate Ag panelist Bob Casey

Fourth-term Rep. Lou Barletta of Pennsylvania says President Trump has encouraged him to run against incumbent Sen. Bob Casey, a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, in 2018.