Today’s quick hits, September 9, 2022

Dirty ethanol: The nation’s ethanol plants produce more than twice the climate-damaging pollution, per gallon of fuel production capacity, than the nation’s oil refineries, according to a Reuters analysis of federal data. (Reuters)

Trouble for fast-food law?: Restaurant owners moved Wednesday to at least temporarily block a new, nation-leading California law giving more power to fast-food workers. (AP)

Public charge changes: The Biden administration officially rolled back the Trump-era “public charge” rule aimed at limiting immigration by people who might use social services. Advocates say the rule kept eligible immigrants from applying for aid like free or reduced-price school lunch and SNAP. (The Hill)

Save water, raise dust: A report says California’s water conservation rules are likely to create significant amounts of dust in the San Joaquin Valley, a region that already has the country’s worst air quality. (High Country News)

Peripatetic pollinator: Hoverflies may fly hundreds or even thousands of miles — all to help pollinate our flowers and vegetables. (Scientific American)

The garbage of fishing: Between 75 and 86 percent of the plastics floating in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch come from offshore fishing and aquaculture activities, according to a new study. (Popular Science)