Today’s quick hits, Sept. 7, 2022

Immigration reform: Farmers across the U.S. are joining a push for national immigration reform that they say could ease labor shortages and lower food prices. (NBC News)

Forest guardians killed: Two members of the Brazilian Indigenous group known for its forest guardians who combat illegal deforestation have been killed, according to the Indigenist Missionary Council. (AP)

Rice to the rescue: Abundant rice supplies in key exporters may largely offset an expected drop in output after floods in Pakistan and a severe heatwave in China damaged crops. (Reuters)

Abbott’s damage control: Abbott’s lawyers at Jones Day negotiated secret settlements and used scorched earth tactics with families whose infants fell ill after consuming powdered formula. (New York Times)

Climate and cannabis: Wildfires and drought have raised the stakes for cannabis farmers, who must decide whether to cultivate their plants in greenhouses or out in fields. (Bloomberg)